Breakfast Panel: What Do We Know & Where Do We Want to Go?

Time: 8:30 am
day: Day One


  • How can we learn from successes and shortfalls of the previous cytokine era
  • Where have the current engineering strategies taken us?
  • Reflecting back on what we learned in the previous cytokine era
  • Assessing the latest clinical work with lesser known/used cytokines
  • Considerations for moving current promising pre-clinical data into the clinic
  • Combinations? Where is there proven synergy?
  • Why do we need more thoughtful approaches to optimizing dose and schedule?
  • Modulating toxicity – learning from last time!
  • Priming and effector phase of T cell expansion
  • How can we apply or use cytokine products safely and maintaining their levels over a long period of time to avoid resistance?