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AbSci is a leading synthetic biology company that translates ideas into drugs with a platform technology that reinvents the biopharmaceutical drug discovery process. We custom engineer E. coli to create novel complex biologics in the desired scaffold format and in the scalable production cell line. We are deploying cutting edge deep learning to inform our designs, and every day we expand the scope of what is possible, enabling better medicines to get to patients sooner.

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WuXi AppTec

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WuXi AppTec provides a broad portfolio of R&D and manufacturing services that enable companies in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries worldwide to advance discoveries and deliver groundbreaking treatments to patients. As an innovation-driven and customer-focused company, WuXi AppTec helps our partners improve the productivity of advancing healthcare products through cost-effective and efficient, socially responsible and sustainable solutions.

Trutino - Cytokine Summit Sponsor

Trutino Biosciences 

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Trutino develops non-toxic therapeutic Zytokines using On Demand Cytokine (ODC) platform technology. Zytokines are pro-cytokines engineered to release cytokines that are retained locally within the malignant tissue following a protease activation step. Zytokines have demonstrated exceptional single agent efficacy in models with extremely low tumor protease levels. Our goal is to transform cancer care with best-in-class Zytokines, which are ideal candidates for adjuvant immuno-oncology therapies, to treat patients with wide-ranging tumor protease levels.