Partnership Opportunities

Why Partner?

We have entered a new era of cytokine therapy that is impossible to ignore. Overcoming challenges in design, development and application brings the world closer to improving the therapeutic potential of cytokines with promise of a great expansion with many new players on the market and many more watching it.

This is the only dedicated physical forum which brings together key leaders in this exciting space, including large pharma, biotech, academia, and technology providers. Discuss how to optimize the development and administration of the therapies to stimulate antitumor response.

This is your opportunity to become part of the cytokine expansion and showcase your expertize in solution services.

If you provide services in tumor models, antibody manufacturing, clinical trials, diagnostics, biomarkers, or product development technology. This is your opportunity to showcase in front of the key decision-makers of the field

Whether you need to communicate exciting progress to this exclusive community, are looking to generate leads, or would like to understand which next generation investments the market wants, you can rely on our ability to advise and deliver the right solution for you.

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