Why Our Speakers Are Excited About the
Cytokine-Based Cancer Immunotherapies Summit

Jamie Spangler - Speaker

“It will be stimulating to connect with luminaries in the field of cytokine therapeutics and to forge synergistic interactions with other scientists engaged in cancer research.”

Jamie Spangler, John Hopkins

Ruth Ganss - Speaker

“Update on new development in the field of cytokine delivery into solid tumor to improved immunotherapeutic options for cancer patients, opportunities in academic collaborations and commercial partnering.”

Ruth Ganss, Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, University of Western Australia

Heather Brodkin - Speaker

“Cytokine-based immunotherapy is a promising field in cancer therapy. The recent increase in clinical trials exploring the utility of next generation immune-modulatory cancer therapies is exciting but has also led to a need to collectively understand and advance these developing therapies. This meeting will serve as an essential, focused forum to bring experts in this field together to discuss recent and potential advances to help transform the care of cancer patients.”

Heather Brodkin, Werewolf Therapeutics

Pushpa Jayaraman - Novartis Speaker

“I am looking forward to hearing about the latest research, scientific ideas and technology.”

Pushpa Jayaraman, Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research